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There's really not much here but things that I wrote myself, namely the

GKrellM Background Changer Plugin The GKrellM Background Changer Plugin is, as the name suggests, a plugin for GKrellM. It changes your desktop's background in configurable intervals and has some more nice features.
Xmms Vorbistitle Patch

This patch allows to use all the tags in an Ogg/Vorbis file in the xmms title string. Recently, it got enhanced by a somewhat more sophisticated tag-editor. For more information about usage and details, consult the README. Apply the patch simply with

cd /path/to/xmms-sources
gzip -cd /pfad/zu/xmms-cvs_vorbistitle.diff.gz | patch -p1 

Currently it is only available for the cvs version of xmms and I try to update it regularly. It should apply (at least with some fuzz) to the most recent versions of xmms. Download: xmms-cvs_vorbistitle.diff.gz or as a tar.gz together with the readme.

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